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Dec 10, 2012 11:00pm PST
's happening here, supervisor christina olague, when you speak the truth, people don't like it. there were a bunch of whoever you call it who were sponsored by the machine, you know the machine, much like the mafia. much like the mafia. now today you've heard a few and there are many people at home and maybe you should go on kapu, you know, and talk about this. have a series of meetings. that's the only thing we can do. because these people are banked on treating good people like dirt. you know, the western addition is where middle class african americans were forced out and they died in the sro's. now the few, the last warriors, the last of the mohicans, you have wanna be's coming with new commissions trying to do this, that and the other and they have no respect, no respect for those who have gone before and done something. and it's not only in the western addition, it's in the bayview, the same thing. the same thing. we just had a meeting this morning, you know? it's the same thing. so, supervisor olague, keep on doing what you have done before, you did well at the planning dep
Dec 10, 2012 3:00pm PST
redevelopment in the western addition. >> sponsor is christina olague. my understanding is she is to be joining us. my understanding is that there are no department presentations and i'm wondering if we can go to public comment and then hopefully the sponsor will join us. so we'll hear first from planning and then from supervisor olague. so we have aaron star from planning. >> thought you forgot about me. good afternoon, supervisors, aaron star, planning department staff. i'm here to speak about current efforts to do a rezoning, create a name neighbor commercial district in an area that was previously under the authority of the redevelopment authority. we are trying to create a named area, the planning code has two categories of neighborhood commercial districts, one is an individual namedd neighborhood commercial district. they are found throughout the city and when you make a change to one of these districts it affects all property zoned that throughout the city. named neighbor commercial districts are areas like the upper fillmore ncd, polk street ncd and when changes are made to these d
Dec 11, 2012 11:00pm PST
back to work as sheriff of this city. christina olague, you were appointed into the position. you took a risk, and i admire you for your principle, rather than the political part of it. thank you very much. and i wish you all the very best. and i'm so glad i was here tonight because i heard a lot of wonderful things. i've never talked top pu i've never met you. i've never even crossed the aisle with you, you know, anywhere. so thank you so much. and i wish you all the very best. and supervisor kim, i was very much surprised. thank you for your vote. supervisor avalos and supervisor campos, i always thought, from the very beginning, because all we needed was just two supervisor votes, to bring him back as sheriff. thank you so very much. and i'm -- asked one of the sheriffs here this evening, i think he's gone now, how is sheriff ross mirkarimi's doing, and he said he's doing wonderfully. i am very happy to hear that. i wish him, his wife, and their son, all the very best. happy holidays to everybody, and i wish you a very happy new year. good night. >> president chiu: thank you very mu
Dec 1, 2012 11:30am PST
operations and neighborhood services committee. i am sean elsbernd and i am joined by christina olague and we will be shortly joined by ms. carmen chu. mr. clerk, can you read item one. >> item one is issuance of on sale beer and wine license for mikhail brodsky for pectopah, llc located at 748 innes avenue. >> thank you mr. clerk. to the department. >> [inaudible] >> hold on one second. turn your mic on. >> thank you. >> testing. good morning supervisor supervisors. i am from the san francisco police department. they have filed an application with the city and on cite beer premseses for 748 innes avenue. for the purpose of this hearing the california department of alcohol and beverage control seeks determination from the board of supervisors as to the approval or denial of this license. from the period of july 2011 through january 2012 there were no police calls for service, nor any police reports. the plat information located in here and 354 police actions for the calendar year 2010. the pemz premises is located in a high crime area and sensus track listed here. applicant premises
Dec 1, 2012 9:30pm PST
, supervisor mark farrell and supervisor christina olague. the district handles the lion's share of golden gate park. our officers are very well-informed on how to work in and about golden gate park. it's a unique place, because there are streets and alleys and avenues, but there are also meadows and it's a very hard place to get around. so the officers are a tremendous resource and in working some of the events this summer and later on in the fall, the officers at richmond station are really grounded and and well-informed where it is their services are to be provided. on my staff i have one sergeant, sergeant stephanie long, three officers and two civilians, my secretary who is fabulous and jeff, the vehicle maintenance officer. the captain's staff really is a tremendous asset. they keep me in line and let me know what it is that i'm not up to par on and they are really a tremendous asset to make sure that the richmond district is getting the services that they are entitled to. i have four plainclothes officers, and we have sergeant cox here, who also oversee ours plains-clotheses officers. we
Dec 6, 2012 9:00am PST
to district five colleague, supervisor christina olague. >> district five has so many restaurants that we could appreciate during this month and i am happy to have selected nopa for this industry and a great restaurant that promotes the community. the owners are highly involved in the neighborhood and working closely with the merchant association to improve the district. they have done so much to improve the vis diro corridor and more vibrant place for visitors and neighbors and it's a namesake for the panhandle community and sits at the middle of the neighborhoods. its cuisine is delicious and attracts people near and far and using locally sourced ingredients. as we observe national food day i wanted to recognize the restaurant that has significant impact on our business community and neighborhood and also uses the power of food to reach diverse communities and those in need. in addition to the positive impact on its surrounding neighborhood they also participate in the episcopal community services conquering homelessness through employment and food services or commonly known as the
Dec 6, 2012 10:30am PST
of the committee and joined to my right by supervisor christina olague, who will be joined shortly by eric mar who is also a member of the committee and our clerk and erica and we are staffed by the sfgtv and could you share with us your announcements? >> please, make sure to silence all cell phones and complete the speaker cards and any documents to be included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk, the items acted upon will appear on the january 13th, 2013, agenda unless otherwise stated. >> could you call items. >> hearing to review the san francisco police department and general orders related to tasers including the department's plan to equipment the officers and the crisis intervention team with tasers. >> thank you, madam clerk. we are just joined by supervisor eric mar, this is a hearing that i called forward in the context of having years dialogue about the use of tasers or electronic controlled weapons in san francisco. this is something that has been taken up in this time, by the police commission, but since, it is discussion that is happening ongoing, with many of our co
Dec 8, 2012 5:30am PST
sad today, andkejq;w i want to say goodbyej-%8 v in christina olague who has done a very good job for her community and shekr%( #jÑ did not deserve theb otherwise for all the work she's done as a member of the planning commission. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you very much. any other members -- any other members of the public wish to speak in general public comment? 8 v_u!lic comment is now closed. madam clerk, could you read adoption without committee reference calendar. >> clerk calvillo: items 39 throughr9( bi 43 are being considered for immediate and unanimous adoption without committee reference they will be acted upon by a single roll call 'xph] it can be separately0 >> president chiu: would anyone like to sever these items? let's take a roll call vote on all of the resolutions. >> clerk calvillo: on items 39 through 43, supervisor mar, aye. superviso>k supervisor wiener,0mju% aye. supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos ÷ aye. president chiu, aye. supervisor chu, aye. supervisor cohen, aye. supe
Dec 10, 2012 3:30pm PST
to thank christina olague for coming to our district and do something we haven't been able to do. i know supervisor ross has done a tremendous job and you have done an even better job in your 8 months. september 27 you did something here in san francisco that has never been done in 20 years. we had 3 subcommittee meetings in one day up and down the stairs on african american issues. look out there and see what we have out there. it is totally unacceptable for my black community to not be right here for opportunity to talk about the atrocities that happened to us with the human rights commission and redevelopment agency, not only did we ask for it in february, you went beyond that, asked for a commission meeting and asked for this oversight committee. like he said, in this last minute, i'm going to tell you, my name is ace and i'm on this case. we are going to put together an injunction or something it stop what mr. ed lee is doing right now. what he is doing is creating an atrocious group of individuals thats going to run the rest of our generation like the prior redevelopment has do
Dec 11, 2012 3:30pm PST
in the chapter of your life and i look forward to working christina olague in whatever do you because i think you have so much talent and luck for the city and county of san francisco and but it's been an honor to work with you and continue to work with you and thank you for the sacrifices may have had for the city. >> thank you i want to say i have had so much fun work wog we first met on the planning commission and then talked about an issue in district and then got to see you up in jackson and fill admonishing more and we will do that whenever you want but really, working on the board of supervisors gether i think you have done such an amazing job for district five and i think it's been a lot of fun working together and we may want agree on every issue on the majority of issues but it doesn't matter at the end. [end] of the day i want you to know how much i really thrum enjoyed working together and i know it's been a long and rough year for you and i hope you get to relax but really it's been a pleasure and a joy and as supervisor campos mentioned i hope this is just the beginning and look f
Dec 11, 2012 6:30pm PST
christina olague. i was harsh -- well -- i was nasty -- okay. and we work for many years. we go back to mission agenda. she was -- i was somewhere else -- homelessness. we work with m.a.c., mission -- we work together. we did good work. and i'm here tonight to -- that hope my indis cretion be forgiven and i'm -- there's a lot of work to do. supervisor elsbernd, i'll miss you. i like irish. i -- infinity with the irish people. i call them the latin-american, european latin-american, equivalent to latin-americans. i disagree with many of your decisions but i liked you. i think you're honest. >> president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. to the friends of the san francisco public library, who killed pope john paul ii, the king of pop, michael jackson, president barack h. obama, mayor willie h. brown, dr. robert c. scott at ucs sf, academic dean keith c. wingate, assistant academic dean seana marshall, legal counsel -- leop adviser jan jamison and mammoth -- a circumcised foreign student from instandbull turkey at golden gate university. b
Nov 30, 2012 10:00pm PST
, commissioners. my name is stephanie tucker, legislative aide to supervisor christina olague. we're here today to ask for your approval for amendments to divisadero street. this conversation at the beginning of last year. we had several concerns from the community about small businesses and growth as well as concerns around -- from the surrounding community. but essentially, the divisadero street is becoming a very popular commercial district, very similar to a lot of other commercial districts like the upper haight and upper fillmore. so, it made sense that now we would create a new commercial district that would help guide the growth and make sure that we get small businesses that are serving communities in that area and controls that the community would like to see to make sure that that -- it grows in the way the community [speaker not understood]. so, today we are asking for your approval. if you have any questions, i'm here to answer them. thank you. >> so, the zoning code has two different commercial districts. nc1, n c-2, nc3. there is also named neighborhood commercial districts such
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 70 (some duplicates have been removed)